Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Perfect Peace?

Isaiah 26:3 speaks of a perfect peace. What the heck does that look like?
Can it be found in:
* Millions going to bed hungry every night.
* Israel/Palestine
* Iraq
* Afghanistan
* Violence in Schools
* Violence in Families
* Racisim
* Sexism
* Ageism
* Church conflict
* Sudan

Where is this perfect peace?

Well in God we can find it. but that means giving it all up. It means listening to God's Word and allowing the Spirit of God to direct and guide us. It means allowing God to be Lord in your life. that is not an easy thing to do, but for perfect peace it is a must.

Perfect peace can be found where the hunngry are fed and the poor are lifted up. It can found where the captives are free and the sick are healed. Perfect peace happens when people become more than words and become doers. Doers of faith and of love and of hope and of grace.

Perfect peace is a time and a place where all relationships are whole and all people are valued. It is a time when the lion lays down with the lamb. It is a time where the Muslim, Christian, Jew, Hundu, Buddhist, Wiccan, Atheist, Agnostic, and all others find comfort and peace and healing.

It is a time of love and of justice and of mercy and of forgiveness.

Perfect peace...Shalom.......Paradise.

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