Thursday, August 25, 2005

Learn Christ

But you did not learn Christ in this way

Ephesians 4:20 (NASB)

3 years of seminary and three years behind the pulpit have taught me a lot about God. I have used this time to make myself as well versed in the ways of God that I can be. I have studied the impact of Christ on the lives of his disciples. I have studied the impact of Christianity on the world for the last two thousand years.

I have studied the Christian classics. I have done all these things and read all the scholarly books and journals that I was supposed to. I have read on John and Charles Wesley and the movement that jump started Methodism. I have learned a lot about Christ but I must tell you that all my education is not what taught me to learn Christ.

I was reminded of that when I read an article from Christianity Today online,
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. The article was a wake up to me. The article reminded me that knowledge of a subject is a wonderful thing, but for too many Christians knowledge about Christ is a bad thing. Now how can that be? How can knowing about Christ be a bad thing? Well let’s be honest. Think about all those people in your life who you knew that really knew that Bible, that could quote chapter and verse without hesitation. Think of all those people that had all that knowledge about Christ.

Sadly enough, if you are truthful with yourself, many of those people are some of the most arrogant Christians that you know. People who know all the answers are a scary bunch, they begin to eliminate any need for grace, after all hey know all the answers; they are positive that they know THE way that God will act and are certain because they have seen it in the Bible. These are the people that Paul warns about in 1 Corinthians, the proud, puffed up, people. The ones that begin to worship knowledge of God more than they actually worship God.

Learning Christ, not learning about Christ, is different. It means that you know that God’s grace is abundant and that you can never fully understand it. You realize that it is so much more important to show the world Jesus than to tell the World about Jesus. When you learn Christ, you learn that love is a powerful weapon against hate, arrogance, and division. You learn that learning Christ means that you have opened yourself to be changed, transformed, by Christ.

Learning Christ means that you are more concerned with people than with words. You are more concerned about helping than instructing. You are more concerned with sharing that cajoling. It means you are more concerned with love than you are about the way things used to be.

Learning Christ means that you have opened yourself up to be transformed and to let Christ lead your life. It means that you have lifted up God in your life, not simply the bible. It means that you have lifted Jesus up, not simply God’s law. It means that you have lifted grace up, not simply your views on God. It means you have lifted Jesus up and not your knowledge of Jesus.

So my friends learn Christ. Don’t get so tied up in learning about Christ that you place knowledge in front of God. Let God transform you, help others to be transformed by God. That is what the church needs more of, not people who know about God, but instead people who know God.