Thursday, June 21, 2007

Does this mean I am old?

Last night I had the privilege of watching my son graduate from High School. It was way more emotional of an evening than I thought that it would be. For most of the year, I never gave it much thought, it seemed to be a big milestone for my son, but nothing earth shattering for me.

Well time sure changes things. It was quite the night all around, his mom and I were so proud watching our boy step up and receive his diploma. One of the high school students gave a speech where she mentioned Jesus and the reality of a creator as opposed to us being designed by chance...beautiful stuff! My son wrote a song for graduation that he played guitar and sang while the choir sang harmony during the ceremony, it was something to see. He is inching closer every day to adulthood. He thinks he is there now, boy does he have some learning to do!

But again we all do have learning to do. We never stop learning, or at least we shouldn't. We believe in a God who is with us guiding us and directing us along the path.

If I could pass anything on to my son it would be this: We are all on a journey. The journey has two directions we can go, towards God or away from God. Trust in God and rely on God and you will continue to journey toward God and be the person you were designed to be.

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Anonymous said...

YES! It means your very old! :)