Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I saw this sign the

other day:
We don't change God's message. God's message changes us.

I love it! There is so much talk among the "church folk" about what real worship is or isn't. Are there certain types of songs that are better than others? Is changing worship styles a good thing? Why should we "dumb down" the message for the youth?

I think what all of these questions seem to miss is one key point. Changing worship styles or trying new things does not mean that we are trying to change the Message of the Gospel. The Message does not change and should not change.

However, the way we teach it and preach it and live it should be changing all the time. Do you really think that if Jesus was walking the streets of any major city today that his parables would be about agriculture? Do you think he would limit his descriptions of himself to Biblical images such as a shepherd?

We have a God who never changes, yet continues to change the way he deals with his people and interacts with us through history. Shouldn't the church try and do the same thing? Shouldn't the church be on the forefront of new technologies and new ways of delivering the message?

I know it is not for everyone and that is okay. the Gospel IS for everyone though and that means we have to find a way to reach everyone. If that means we have to learn how to blog, or to run a web cast than so be it. If that means that we need to try and understand what the youth of today value than that is what we must do.

As long as we remain faithful to the Gospel message and continue to try and be a light to the world, I think that we are going to be okay. In fact, I know that we are going to be okay of we simply keep our eyes on Jesus.

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