Thursday, June 07, 2007


For three days now I have been feeling bad. I am starting to let my physical self mess with my spiritual and emotional self. I need a jump start, something that is going to make me feel good. I got a little bit of a shot tonight, I got to see my son and his classmates put on great musical performance. It was so amazing seeing those kids pour their heart and souls into something so beautiful.

It boosted me up, yet at the same time made me wonder.

I wonder where all those talented kids are on Sundays.

I wonder if they would feel welcome in my church or in any church.

I wonder if they have a relationship with Jesus.

I wonder of they have had a bad experience at the church.

I wonder....

Is the church giving the young generation what they need?

Are we making ourselves available to meet their needs in ways that they would appreciate?

Are we speaking their language?

I wonder...

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