Monday, June 25, 2007

What does your Jesus look like?

Most North American Christians have at one time or another seen that picture. You know the one. Jesus standing with the tools of a shepherd looking at the sheep. The Jesus in that picture is Caucasian as are a large portion of the images of Jesus that I have seen over the years. What Jesus looks like is very important and is something that we need to address. However, I am not talking about the color of his skin or the length of his hair. Instead, I am talking about what the soul of Jesus looks like, who he is on the inside.

So what does your Jesus look like?

Is your Jesus fire-breathing and intolerant of the world around him, at least the parts of the world that he does not like?

Is your Jesus, happy-go-lucky? Is he simply satisfied that you did not kill anyone today? Is your Jesus an "I'm okay, you're okay" kind of guy?

Or perhaps is your Jesus different entirely different? Perhaps your Jesus is a servant and is looking to help those who find themselves in a bad spot. Perhaps your Jesus not only talks about love but demonstrates that love in how he treats the least of us.

Perhaps your Jesus also demands that we love God, but also that we love each other. Perhaps he tells us to show that love by obeying what he has taught us and sharing this great story, the story of his love, with the whole world.

Perhaps that is your Jesus and my Jesus.

So what does your Jesus look like?

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