Thursday, July 26, 2007


I was in a car accident last night. The good news is everyone appears to be okay. We have some bumps and bruises and some soreness(especially the young one) but hopefully we are all fine.

But nothing quite shakes you up as a car accident, especially one that you can see unfolding and yet do nothing about. I was rear-ended and saw the car as it got closer and closer and then hit me. Yet like so much else that happens in life there is so much to learn from what happened last night.

Everything can be gone in a moment. We are promised nothing and we are guaranteed nothing.
Cars, houses, jobs, family, our very lives it can all be gone. So we need to value everything that we have and appreciate it, yet not let it control us. We need to value those people in our lives especially.

We simply need to learn to depend on God more and more. Each and every day is a chance to do just that. Sometimes we need a jolt from behind to remind us of just that.

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