Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Have you ever

been thinking about doing something or talking to someone and then all of a sudden, the phone rings...and it is them?!?!

I have been praying on a matter for awhile now, to be honest it has been in my sights for a year. I have talked about it and though about it and prayed over it. It seems at times like I am simply talking to an empty room.

However, over the last week things have been changing. I have been heard and I have actually had real discussions with some people about what is on my heart. the other day I was in a meeting and getting ready to make a phone call to talk to someone about this situation and all of a sudden my cell phone rang.

The person I was going to call ,instead called me out of the blue and I was told that this person was thinking about the same situation and wanted to talk!

This wouldn't have happened a year ago despite how much I wanted it too and now I know why. God was not ready for it to happen. Now i may go have this conversation and things may not work out at all but I now know something important, God is the prime mover in this.
All I can do now is wait and see where God is going to take this.

I love ministry more and more each day. This has reignited my passion. I can't wait to go out and see what God has in store next. There is simply so much opportunity for ministry where I find myself now, I love it.

I want to be involved in ministry here for years to come. Exciting, new, and bold ministry.

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