Sunday, July 15, 2007

Legal Eagles

If Cable news was around 2,000 years ago:
I could just see Nancy Grace going over to Jesus and asking the question..."Hey Jesus, what can I do to inherit this eteranl life you speak about?"

Jesus would ask the "legal expert" what the law says. Nancy would arrogantly puff up and tell him about Loving God and loving each your neighbor.

She would then try and limit this by asking "who is my neighbor".

The World would be watching and waiting for the great confrontation and then Jesus would begin. He would tell his story about the Good Samaritan. Nancy Grace would look to him and when Jesus told her to go and do like wise she would simply slink away as many legal eagles before and since have done when they come into contact with the Living God.

We all know legal eagles, heck we may be one our self. The type of person who uses the Bible or uses it to justify their own beliefs.A legal eagle is a person who (tries to) removes all the love from the bible. A legal eagle is the type of person who asks the wrong question.

The right question is not "who is my neighbor", instead the right question is what God asks us..."Do you love me?"

This is the right question, because if we answer yes, then we no longer are worried about who our neighbor is because we realize that everyone is our neighbor. Our neighbor is Muslim/Jewish/Hindu, Black/White/ Asian, Rich/poor/middle class, Young/adult, healthy/sick, criminal/officer.

So today I am going to not be a legal eagle. Today I am going to simply try and answer God's question with a resounding "YES!" and see where that takes me.


Anonymous said...

Howdy neighbor!

shell said...

I'm not sure if you and my hubby talk about anything other than golf but I just wanted you to know how good your sermon was on Sunday. He mentioned it quite a few times that day how much he enjoyed it. ALL kidding aside I can really see God working in his life. Small changes, but changes none the less. Thanks for being such a good influence on him. shell