Monday, December 24, 2007


This is such a great time of year.

But there are still so many last minute things to do, and I have a checklist to make sure that they are all done.

Bulletins ready for tonight: check.
Power Point ready for tonight: check.
Sermon ready for tonight: check.
Recipe for the Prime Rib: check.

Cards out: Well I need to ask my wife.
House ready for tonight: See above.
Presents bought: See above.
Presents wrapped: see above.
Suit ready for tonight: see above.

I was right it is an exciting time of year! It is the time when we celebrate the birth of the infant Jesus and all that means for us today. It is a time for family and friends. It is a time for fellowship and joy.
It is also a time when I am reminded time and time again how blessed I am. Without my wife,
I would be lost. She is the greatest. The old saying "behind every successful man is a good woman" is off the mark. in my case.

She is not behind me, she is beside me as my partner. Any "success" that I have is success that we share. She is my wife, friend, partner, and so much more.

I thank God, every day for her.

Merry Christmas!

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