Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I can't believe it

The journey seemed like it would never end and now it seems like the end has snuck up on me. I am just two weeks away from the B.O.O.M. retreat and I am starting to feel nervous for probably the first time.

So much time and energy have been spent, not by me, but by my family and friends and church. It seems as if I would be letting them all down if for some reason I did not make it though this year, we are not supposed to use the word fail.

I know in my heart and in my spirit that God has called me to ministry. Of that there is no doubt. I have never felt at home as I do when I am in the pulpit, okay walking around the pulpit! The sense that I feel when I am teaching or counseling or talking to a teen or visiting someone in the hospital is just so powerful. So the reality of the call is not the fear.

I just want to continue on with my ministry, go to the next chapter, wherever that might lead me.

Perhaps it is I am just tired as I sit here in the hallway of Willow Valley and type this. It has been a long couple of days and one more to go. I want to go home and be with my family and relax with them.

This evening as I went through my devotionals from the Message, I read Exodus 1-4. The question pertaining to the reading that I journaled on was what is it like when you say, "God will be with me".

My answer? It is the most comforting feeling in the world. god has placed me here at this time for a reason, I may not know what it is but what I do know is that God is there. In the end, what else could I ask for.

So in a few weeks, hit or miss on ordination, I know this one thing(well other than my family loves me):

The God of Abraham, Jacob, Isaac, and Joseph is with me and will never let me down.

Truly, what else do I need?


Thursday, January 24, 2008

Could Larry Brown be right

In the latest issue of Philadelphia magazine, Larry Brown is quoted as saying,
"I told Allen that Tiger Woods will have a greater effect on kids than Jesus. Think about Tiger. Think about Michael Jordan. Kids flock to them. He missed an unbelievable chance to affect kids positively. Used to drive me nuts. He never understood what I was trying to say."

Could that possible be true?

If so, then the church needs to be ashamed. Not that Tiger Woods can't have a great impact on the youth of the world, but the church should be proclaiming the message of Jesus Christ a little better.

Jesus Christ changes lives, Tiger Woods plays golf.

Maybe it is time for the church, and specifically the UMC, to pay less attention to who is in the White house, and God forgive me(I know God will), what changes are needed in the Book of Discipline, and more time worried about telling the Good News to the world.

What do you think?

So how are you?

I care, I really do. I think that I realize more and more each day that we need to take time and listen to each other. i mean really listen. Not just ask those polite questions, but really take the time to listen to the answers.

The world is busy and impersonal enough without you and I adding to it.

Take some time and listen to someone today. Take the time and really talk to someone and see how their life is going. We all need people. We all need contact, we all need to know that we are not in it alone.

So take some time out of your busy day and go share some time with someone. It just might make their day.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


as I sit at the Cafe again this week and do some research for Sunday, God is at work again.

I am trying to do my research and as that is happening I am having a text conversation with my son and my wife and at the same time.

Interestingly enough the passage from Psalms this week I am preaching on talks about God hearing our cries.

Hearing is an artform that we all need to work on I believe. We all listen but do we take the time to hear. How can I hear God in scripture or hear my wife via text or hear my son when I have my focus split so much.

I need to learn a lesson. I need to take more time hearing from those that I love and that includes God, my wife, my sons, and my family and friends.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The Cafe

I am sitting in a coffee cafe this morning working on my sermon. I decided to try something different this week. Actually it has been a pretty good experience. It takes me away from the distractions of an office and helps me focus on what I really need to get done.

All around me are different people. The group to the side of me must be a collection opf painters. They are talking about their technique and different clients. Very interesting indeed.

The couple in front of me are pouring through Natural Cure books. All around me their are various people involved in various different things.

If you look hard enough or concentrate enough you can truly feel God in this place. What a reminder, that no matter where we are and what we are doing, God is there.

Well, I need to get back to my sermon prep. I truly believe God is trying to tell me something today.


Wednesday, January 02, 2008

But where are we going?

So 2008 has started and we are off, how exciting!

Of course, if you take a few minutes and look around it seems to be much like 2007. You are more than likely still in the same job and live in the same place. You have the same friends and family and probably drive the same car.

So why does the change in calender cause so much excitement in our world?
I guess it is because we all like a clean slate. We get to try all over again and look to the future instead of looking at the past. We can forget the missed appointments and deadlines we blew off. We can forget about all the promises we made and subsequently ignored. We can just move on.


I think we might have hit on something important here.

New beginnings.

A Clean slate.

New promises.

New Beginnings.


Yup that is it. Those things that we wait for each January 1st already are ours for the taking. When we turn it over to Jesus, when we rely on God inetad of ourselves. We get all those things and so much more.

So how come more people are excited about the cool New Year's Eve Parties than they are about coming to church on Sunday?

Well we will have to talk about that.


Happy New Year!