Wednesday, January 02, 2008

But where are we going?

So 2008 has started and we are off, how exciting!

Of course, if you take a few minutes and look around it seems to be much like 2007. You are more than likely still in the same job and live in the same place. You have the same friends and family and probably drive the same car.

So why does the change in calender cause so much excitement in our world?
I guess it is because we all like a clean slate. We get to try all over again and look to the future instead of looking at the past. We can forget the missed appointments and deadlines we blew off. We can forget about all the promises we made and subsequently ignored. We can just move on.


I think we might have hit on something important here.

New beginnings.

A Clean slate.

New promises.

New Beginnings.


Yup that is it. Those things that we wait for each January 1st already are ours for the taking. When we turn it over to Jesus, when we rely on God inetad of ourselves. We get all those things and so much more.

So how come more people are excited about the cool New Year's Eve Parties than they are about coming to church on Sunday?

Well we will have to talk about that.


Happy New Year!

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jj said...

2008 means I need a new calendar. It also means just another year to try and find more new beginnings to live a more perfect in Christ. I was just wondering....what is a "cool New Year's Eve Party"?