Thursday, January 24, 2008

Could Larry Brown be right

In the latest issue of Philadelphia magazine, Larry Brown is quoted as saying,
"I told Allen that Tiger Woods will have a greater effect on kids than Jesus. Think about Tiger. Think about Michael Jordan. Kids flock to them. He missed an unbelievable chance to affect kids positively. Used to drive me nuts. He never understood what I was trying to say."

Could that possible be true?

If so, then the church needs to be ashamed. Not that Tiger Woods can't have a great impact on the youth of the world, but the church should be proclaiming the message of Jesus Christ a little better.

Jesus Christ changes lives, Tiger Woods plays golf.

Maybe it is time for the church, and specifically the UMC, to pay less attention to who is in the White house, and God forgive me(I know God will), what changes are needed in the Book of Discipline, and more time worried about telling the Good News to the world.

What do you think?

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MartinK said...

Amen. I'm not in the UMC but can relate. The real work is close at hand and simple, isn't it?

Martin @ Quaker Ranter
(an almost-neighbor who's stopped in on music nights a few times)