Friday, February 15, 2008

All is well

Well all went well so far. We got her t the surgery and out of the surgery. Doctor reports that all is well. She is sore, tired, and nauseous but all signs point to
a good result. Thanks for the prayers and thoughts and calls etc.

Boy oh boy. This has been some week!

God is going to get tired of hearing from me!


greg. said...

have you slept at all? you must be exhausted. hope you find some time to rest!

Pastor Blue Jeans said...




I think I have. About 90 Minutes o so Monday night a few more tuesday.

Sleep is overrated!

Rest will come today, hopefully.

Anonymous said...

We are both so relieved that all went well and we hope you AND Ginny get some well-deserved rest while you can.

Claudie and Herb Schuler

Anonymous said...

Good news, praise God, You all our in our prayers.

Walt & Gloria

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...seems like I heard or maybe even spoke those same words recently..."God is going to get tired of hearing from me" and I was told "doubt it," bet the same holds true for you!