Friday, February 29, 2008


When I was a Respiratory Therapist, we used this symbol, the Delta, to signify a change in orders or change in Vent settings.
I never realized at that point how radical this symbol or change could be, especially in the church.
It is so interesting to see the dynamics of church life from the inside. Interesting and often frustrating. Good people find themselves fighting and bumping up against things all the time. You often witness good people on both sides of an issue. Why is that?
When the church is seeking to find the vision that God has for the church or trying to figure out how best to implement that vision in the community, what happens? Why do good people sometimes begin to hunker down for a fight?
I guess in the end, it could be tied to fear. Fear of a loss of control, identity, or worth. We sometimes tie up the value of ourselves in programs, traditions, or events. When we see them changing or being eliminated, perhaps we think that we are next.
I think it is time for a radical change in the way we think as a church. The church is NOT a country club, the church is NOT a social club. The church IS the body of Christ in the world. We are to go out and make disciples and to reach out to the least, last, and lost. If we are not doing that then we are not the church.
Don't be afraid of change, be afraid of not being the church. Because the world needs the church, because the world needs Jesus.

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Eric Helms said...

Great Post. Might I add that coroporate worship is not therapy, or quiet time with God; it is the gathering of the community to give worth to God and to commune with one another and God.

The triangle also reminds me of triangulation. How often do we get caught in the middle of conflict over change and find everyone mad at us!