Monday, February 25, 2008

God's House?

This church and its members mean so very much to me. I am so very pleased that I have been able to share in ministry with them. I also look forward to many more opportunities to do ministry with them in the future.

However, we seem to be running into more and more challenges together. There is a consensus that there is a refocusing needed. We need to find a way to truly be in the world making disciples for Jesus Christ. yet, we often spend much of our time thinking about maintaining buildings or propping up programs that are no longer working.

Questions such as "what is the church" seem so basic, yet they need to be asked again and again. We need to find a way to go into God's world and tell the story of Jesus Christ. It does not take fancy technology or snazzy graphics. It takes women and men who are committed to real transformation taking place in the world.

Do we really need to vote on making disciples?

Do we really have to have committee meetings about how to do it?

Do we really have to ask if we are being effective Christians?

Are we more tied to the way things used to be than we are committed to the work of the church?

Are we more impressed with the history of our church or the history that our church should be making?

All living things must change(grow) or they die.

Are we growing or are we dying?


Anonymous said...

Good Stuff!

klh said...

Amen! God be with you.

jj said...

Been having similar thoughts lately, myself! So many ideas! So many worthy things! On the flip side...

Sometimes it's hard to see that the mission might be the mission you've been doing all along. Growing does not always mean changing to a new kind of crop, but just being better at growing with the seeds you have, planting the same seeds but changing methods or adding a new field.

Hard to tell if/when a mission change is needed, unless you know for sure the seed is really what's failing.

greg hazelrig said...

We're dealing with the same type issues here. God bless you in your endeavors to lead your church where God envisions her to be.

Madhu Bunga said...
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