Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Word

So is it the Book? Is it the version? Is it the cover? Is it the print size? Is it the cool book names?
What is it that makes it so special? I know these questions are really not serious, well I hope not.

I have been in the midst of some discussions about the Bible and how it is used in worship. I have made a point recently to use more readings from the Bible, because for awhile I do not believe we were using it enough, at least for my context.

In a church I used to attend, it seemed everybody brought their Bibles with them. Even though there were pew Bibles available. Personally I just liked having my own, if anything cropped up that was being said or sung, I could look up what I wanted easily. I soon realized that is not necessarily the norm in all churches.

More to the point of those original questions. What makes the bible so important? I believe without question it is the eternal truths that exist inside. Whether those truths are read or sung or projected on a TV, CD, or projector is not the point. The point is God's word and how it shapes our lives.

Books may go away some day. Does that mean we lose the Word of God? I think we all know the answer to that.


greg hazelrig said...

I agree with your answer about the Bible, but to add my own two cents, my favorite bible is the one I preached from for my first 5 years or so in ministry. It's a NRSV that my wife gave me on our aniversary right before going into the ministry.

But the Word is the Word is the Truth of God, no matter what format or translation. God's Truth will prevail. And Amen for that.

Eric Helms said...

There is something profound about the Bible being our most direct access to what the Creator of the Universe wants to say to each of us as individuals and to our communities. It seems that so many passages can be read multiple times and a new meaning constantly show up. It is as if the words are able to morph into what God is trying to say to us.