Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I can't think about it too long because I will be weepy but I received the call that said those words I have been waiting a long time to hear..."Yes Larry you are approved for Ordination into the GNJAC".

It was two very long days of interviewing and processing and at times it seemed that it would never end. It was humbling at times, the hardest interview was the one I thought would be the easiest. I believe God is trying to tell me something with that.

Last night was difficult because although it all appeared promising for me, some of the brothers and sisters that I had traveled with were troubled. We talked and we all prayed and I continued to keep them in prayers. I heard my news today and was so excited and yet I waitied to hear. From all indications from those whom I have been able to hear from, we have all got through this journey together! Glory to God.

Even now, I am feeling the emotion pour forth.

So much more to say and I believe over the next few days I will have lots more to write here.

In the meantime thanks for the prayers and support.



Anonymous said...

That last night is really intense! You made it! Congratulations!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I have found your blog through Beth Quick's and am interested in blogging so I jumped here to read what Pastors were blogging about and read about your going up for the interviews. I went through the process 5 years ago so I remember how stressful it all is. I am so happy to hear of how God has blessed you.

Fellow Pastor in GNJAC

greg. said...

here you are! congratulations, my friend. what an amazing and affirming moment to be told by colleagues and peers that they agree with you that you are indeed called by God to this ministry. it is an audacious claim, but one that has proven itself true through the refining fire! thanks for your companionship through this journey.

the reverend mommy said...


My interviews are March 11 and 12. Goody. I'd rather have TWO root canals.

I hope you ministry is blessed by the Spirit of God.

Anonymous said...

Just a congratulatory word on being approved for ordination. We at Clonmell watched the beginning of your journey. I'm glad to be here to hear the outcome. We are all very proud of you and your family. Our best wishes in your future journey.

Herb Schuler