Sunday, March 30, 2008

Surgery and other news of note

Well the young guy made it through the surgery okay. He was in pain for a few days but he seems to be doing better. Thank God!

On news of another note. I am going to experience something as a pastor that I knew was a reality but in six years it has never happened..I am moving.

It is such an interesting time in my personal and professional life. I am happy and I am sad. I am nervous and I am excited. I am worried and I am at peace. I am bursting and I am withdrawn. There is so much going on and so much to do. I just don't know where to start. I have been the group of people here for six GREAT years but I knew it was going to be time to go at some point and signs were pointing to it being sooner rather than later. Yet I feel as if I have more to do here.

On the other hand, I am thrilled with the opportunity that is being presented to me and I am very excited. Crazy, crazy stuff. I have to help my children get themselves prepared mentally for the move. It is going to be tough I know. But the great thing for them is the internet, texting, email, phone, etc. Plus we are close enough that contact with their friends will take some effort but is possible.

Then there is my loving wife. Her commute just went from 30 minutes to a little more than an hour to a job she loves. In the end, all we can do is trust that God will continue to work on all fronts just as God always does.

God will keep working with these great people and the great leader that I am sure that will be following me here. God will also continue working in our new location in new and exciting ways.

Well, I ask for you to pray for me and my family and my current church family and my soon to be church family.


Thursday, March 27, 2008


Well i understand better what Greg meant. I am sitting in the waiting room waiting for my youngest son to get out of surgery. Just like Greg said, it is minor surgery, on his wrist. But right now sitting here waiting it does not feel minor at all. I feel helpless, my wife is home sick with the same stomach virus that my boys and I have already had and so i wait. Unable to help her and unable to help him.

Wow, I have never felt so helpless in my life.

Well pardon me, I must go pray.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Everyone is sick

Well Saturday, my wife had my oldest son in the emergency for 7 hours. It seems as if he had caught a virus. Well he is barely statrting to recover. My youngest son, you know the one with the cast, came into our room at 3 am or so to tell us he just threw up. Well that has now been going on for 6 hours or so.

What a helpless feeling it is to watch a loved one suffer, first my oldest and now my youngest. I found myself thinking about that this morning as I laid awake waiting for my youngest to wake up and run into the bathroom again.

I guess this is the part of what God feels as he watches hius children floundering around sick or struggling. It is so tough to watch those you love struggling.

Oh well back to nursing.

Friday, March 21, 2008

I like it!

I am reading Velvet Elvis by Rob Bell. It has been a real good read so far. Today I read the following, "I have often been told to believe in Jesus. I know now that Jesus believes in me. ..I have been told to have faith in God, I know that God has faith in me".

That is some real cools stuff! God has faith in me, Jesus believes in me. How do I know that? Well, one way is to look at the Gospels. Jesus sat with his disciples and told them to go into the world and make disciples of all nations and then he left. Sure he sent the Spirit to help us in this mission but you know what?!?!?

There was no plan B for God. We are it. God trust you and me enough to get that done.


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I'm Roots?!?!?

Well apparently I am Roots! I saw this quiz on Eric's site and decided to take a spin. Interesting stuff. Some I agree and others not so much. Go take the quiz yourself and see what you see!

You're Roots!

by Alex Haley

While almost everyone agrees that you're brilliant, no one knows quite
how to categorize you. Some say that you're a person with an amazing family tree. Some
say that you're just a darn good storyteller. Others say that you're both and don't much
care where to draw the line. What is known is that your people have been through a great
number of trials and that you are where you are because of hard work. You have nothing to
lose but your chains.

Take the Book Quiz
at the Blue Pyramid.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Who do you trust? Or more to the point for me, how much do you trust? I just realized as I was getting ready to type this that I think I am so close so many times to revealing waaay too much.
But what the heck, right?

So who do I trust? Do I trust that God is at work though it all? Do I believe that God will take what we do and make good out of it? I spoke about the Joseph story in Genesis the other day and how God took what Joseph's brothers intended for evil and made good out if it. Well do I believe that God is still active in this world or not? Of course I do. So do I believe that God can take the confusion and trouble in my life and make good from it? OF course I do.

So in the end, I guess that God has plans in store for me that I fully do not understand yet and may not for some time. I just need to keep in prayer and keep trusting that God will lead me in the way I am supposed to go.

Well okay then. I am already feeling a little bit better.


Friday, March 14, 2008

We Told Him!

My youngest son thought that it would be "cool" to break something and to have to wear a cast. We tried to explain to him that it would not be as fun as he thought.

Last year around this time he had a small break in his growth plate so he had a partial cast on. He apparently did not have enough. This year when he started jiu jitsu we assumed it was just a matter of time before something happened. Well we were right, kind of.

He came home a week ago or so early because he fell in gym and hurt his hand catching himself. Well we took him to the doctor's and got x-rays that did not show a break. The orthopedic doctor was a little cautious and decided to put a short arm cast on him to keep it safer and then go get an MRI.

We got the MRI and the report suggests that he might have a closed fracture and a torn ligament in his hand. So yesterday, off came the short arm cast and on went the long Arm cast which was then split in half and wrapped up in an ace bandage. This was to make sure that they were able to perform another test. This time they are going to inject his hand with dye.

This test will help them determine if the tear is complete. If it is, then surgery will probably be the treatment. If not, the long-arm cast will be put back on for weeks (6-8 at least). We found all this out last night and now Kyle has determined that he has had enough of the long cast, after an hour of wearing it!

When exactly do kids start listening?

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Wouldn't it be nice

If God would speak to us in that big booming voice that we see in movies or read about in the bible?

Since God doesn't, at least to me, I am stuck trying to discern where the heck God is leading me and the church.

While I am trying to do that, it is becoming cloudier and cloudier at times. Where does God's plan and my desires veer off from each other or on they on the same course? Where have I lost touch with God or have I lost touch with God?

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Are you kidding me?

I love College Basketball during this time of year. There is no college sport that packs as much excitement into a month as they do during NCAA March Madness. When I worked at IBM, I either
took two vacation days the first two days of the Tournament or I found a reason to work from home.

Thursday and Friday are just non-stop excitement, the first week of the tournament. Until I read Eric's Blog this morning, I did not realize the crazy situation NCAA fanatics face this year. The tournament starts on Maundy Thursday! This means that the first two days of the tournament just happen to be Maundy Thursday and Good Friday.

So as we prepare ourselves for the week of week for Christians, many will be diligently preparing their office pools and parties for the tournament. So this year the tournament, at least in the beginning will not be "must see TV" for me. What it does for me is to really help me focus in on the importance of this time and really focus on removing all outside distractions as I prepare myself and help the church prepare for this Holy of Holy Days.

And if you are wondering, I mean Easter Sunday and not Selection Sunday!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

It's Here! It's Here!

My Lifebook Tablet is finally here. It is my "ordination present". Yeah I know I am not officially ordained yet and it seems a bit much. But what can I tell you, I am spoiled by my lovely wife! Well I would have much more to say, but I have to go see my new toy!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Welcome Home

Well we are home! What a trip it was. We saw parts of the country that I never knew existed. We sat stuck in traffic and the snow for three hours outside St. Louis. We drove the twisty roads of North Carolina on the border of Tennessee with Tractor Trailers hot on our tail. We saw more 18 wheel vehicles in a stretch of Illinois and Kentucky than I had ever seen before. I spent time with a cousin who I rarely get to see anymore but who has always been like a brother to me.

It was a great time. My son and I had loads of fun. We made it through the trip safe despite backups and downed trees and power lines. What can I say, God is Good. No actually God is great!

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Road Trip!

Well tomorrow after church my son and I are taking off. We are flying to St. Louis and then picking up a rental car. From there we will go to five colleges in six days. We will be visiting the University of Missouri-Columbia, Truman State University, UNC-Asheville, UNC-Chapel Hill, and Applachian State before making our way back to New Jersey.

I ask you for prayers for our travel and also that one of these schools will be the place that he settles in to. So pray hard!

I am very excited about this trip, it is going to be a good time with my son and also a great way to see part of the country.

It will do me good to get away for awhile and try to find the guidance of God as far as the life of the church. Where does God want to lead us and where is God truly calling us?

I think on those long roads I am going to have the chance to experience God in new and exciting ways. I can't wait!