Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Are you kidding me?

I love College Basketball during this time of year. There is no college sport that packs as much excitement into a month as they do during NCAA March Madness. When I worked at IBM, I either
took two vacation days the first two days of the Tournament or I found a reason to work from home.

Thursday and Friday are just non-stop excitement, the first week of the tournament. Until I read Eric's Blog this morning, I did not realize the crazy situation NCAA fanatics face this year. The tournament starts on Maundy Thursday! This means that the first two days of the tournament just happen to be Maundy Thursday and Good Friday.

So as we prepare ourselves for the week of week for Christians, many will be diligently preparing their office pools and parties for the tournament. So this year the tournament, at least in the beginning will not be "must see TV" for me. What it does for me is to really help me focus in on the importance of this time and really focus on removing all outside distractions as I prepare myself and help the church prepare for this Holy of Holy Days.

And if you are wondering, I mean Easter Sunday and not Selection Sunday!


greg hazelrig said...

crap I didnt know that the games started next thursday and friday. i guess i'll have to tape friday's games. thank goodness for the dvr

Eric Helms said...

It seems there is growing widespread discontent among clergy bloggers. Perhaps we can wield our enormous influence and change the date of the tournament--or perhaps the moon cycles that determine the date of Easter.

greg hazelrig said...

You mean to tell me that you have influence? :)

Pastor Blue Jeans said...

I think with the power of TV involved we might have a better chance of changing up the moon cycles!