Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Who do you trust? Or more to the point for me, how much do you trust? I just realized as I was getting ready to type this that I think I am so close so many times to revealing waaay too much.
But what the heck, right?

So who do I trust? Do I trust that God is at work though it all? Do I believe that God will take what we do and make good out of it? I spoke about the Joseph story in Genesis the other day and how God took what Joseph's brothers intended for evil and made good out if it. Well do I believe that God is still active in this world or not? Of course I do. So do I believe that God can take the confusion and trouble in my life and make good from it? OF course I do.

So in the end, I guess that God has plans in store for me that I fully do not understand yet and may not for some time. I just need to keep in prayer and keep trusting that God will lead me in the way I am supposed to go.

Well okay then. I am already feeling a little bit better.


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St├ęph said...

i like this post.... a lot. thank you.