Friday, March 14, 2008

We Told Him!

My youngest son thought that it would be "cool" to break something and to have to wear a cast. We tried to explain to him that it would not be as fun as he thought.

Last year around this time he had a small break in his growth plate so he had a partial cast on. He apparently did not have enough. This year when he started jiu jitsu we assumed it was just a matter of time before something happened. Well we were right, kind of.

He came home a week ago or so early because he fell in gym and hurt his hand catching himself. Well we took him to the doctor's and got x-rays that did not show a break. The orthopedic doctor was a little cautious and decided to put a short arm cast on him to keep it safer and then go get an MRI.

We got the MRI and the report suggests that he might have a closed fracture and a torn ligament in his hand. So yesterday, off came the short arm cast and on went the long Arm cast which was then split in half and wrapped up in an ace bandage. This was to make sure that they were able to perform another test. This time they are going to inject his hand with dye.

This test will help them determine if the tear is complete. If it is, then surgery will probably be the treatment. If not, the long-arm cast will be put back on for weeks (6-8 at least). We found all this out last night and now Kyle has determined that he has had enough of the long cast, after an hour of wearing it!

When exactly do kids start listening?


Econowife said...

To answer your last question: I can tell you it's not age 13. :)

Hope your boy feels better soon!

Anonymous said...

As you know at least some of my children are older than you. The answer to your last question I belive is NEVER !


klh said...

I remember looking forward to having a cast as a kid. it looked like so much fun when my friends had one - special attention, signatures, going first in the lunch line... I was so excited when I got my cast and my crutches. It took longer than an hour for the novelty to wear off for me - it wasn't until I had to bathe with one leg sticking out of the shower that I realized it wasn't going to be all candy and roses. Even still, to this day I remember the cast experience with a certain degree of fondness.

Anonymous said...

I agree with George! The answer to that question is NEVER! Parents are wrong, wrong, wrong! I can remember thinking that same thing- as a child.....definitely not thinking ahead to adulthood, or parenthood! UGH!

Eric Helms said...

I think in reality, few people really listen to anyone very intently--especially when it comes to unsolicited advice or words of wisdom. In fact I think most of the time we rightly assume that most of what we say will be taken with a certain lack of regard. Yet, for some reason, we expect our children should listen to us; despite remembering how much it seemed that our parents were out of touch. The real question is not when will our children start listening, it is when will they realize that their children will not listen to them either--that, I believe, is when true understanding and respect develops between parents and their children.

Eric Helms said...
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