Thursday, March 13, 2008

Wouldn't it be nice

If God would speak to us in that big booming voice that we see in movies or read about in the bible?

Since God doesn't, at least to me, I am stuck trying to discern where the heck God is leading me and the church.

While I am trying to do that, it is becoming cloudier and cloudier at times. Where does God's plan and my desires veer off from each other or on they on the same course? Where have I lost touch with God or have I lost touch with God?


greg hazelrig said...

I feel your angst. It always seems like God's vision for me is cloudy. The good days are when I look back (and as they say about hindsight) see 20/20.

JJinNJ said...

What does the SPPR say? Are they helping? Are they saying something else? Are they relating the relations or are they stone faced? Put them to work if they are not working!
Put them into action mode or.... you may have your answer...????

Anonymous said...

Yes, and as a youth worker, I can tell you it's really disheartening when my youth group kids feel frustrated that they don't "hear" God's voice the way other people say they do. (It's not that I don't believe those people, it's that I think that however they are hearing the messages from God, when they say "God spoke to me," it can be confusing for a teenager.)

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I am still surprised that God speaks at times I would not expect, and tests me in moments or circumstances I would not expect. These moments cause me to pause and remember that God is always teaching, and guiding me according to HIS will. Patiently wait on the Lord.