Monday, April 14, 2008

First Date Jitters

It had been so long since I had that feeling of a first date. I forgot the dread and the fear that accompany the excitement. Last night my wife, son, my son's friend/girlfriend/best pal, and I went up to visit the church that we will be going to in July. We sat down for dinner with the pastor and his family and then a couple of leaders at the church. We followed that time off with visiting with the youth group and meeting a few more leaders.

Wow, I am wiped out. It was pretty exhausting. I fall in love with that sanctuary every time that I see it. I loved the people that I met, especially the kids. So now the waiting begins. I have so much here left to do. I need to help this church with their transition and I have to try and get more acclimated with the new church.

All the while trying to continue to tell that wonderful wonderful story. As I was getting ready for the sermon this week I noticed that the Gospel lesson in the lectionary is from John 14. A favorite gospel lesson for funerals but also a troubling Gospel lesson for much of society because of the claims of Jesus in verse 6.

I love this part of scripture, there are so many things that Jesus is telling his followers here and I think this is a great lesson for this time of year. I can't wait for Sunday!


Eric Helms said...

I love your title, "First Date Jitters." Between your Son bringing a friend/girlfriend/best pal to a dinner where you were meeting church people and the fact that you were meeting new church people--first date is right! We tend to only use the term date when talking about romance, but I think that is a good way to describe many types of first interpersonal encounters.

Wade said...

Those "First Date Jitters" went both ways. Glad to see that my feelings after the meeting match yours. Not that I will not miss Paul, because I will, but is it July yet??????? Better not rush it because there is still so much to get done.

klh said...

Exciting stuff! Love the metaphor.