Saturday, April 26, 2008

General Conference 2008

On Sunday afternoon, I am heading to General Conference in Dallas/Ft. Worth. I am anxious to go and see what the atmosphere is like. I was in Pittsburgh in 2004 and was in "shock and awe" at all that I saw and experienced. This time I am a little older and a little wiser. I have been in the UMC system a few more years and I am interested to see how I react to what I see and experience this time.

So am I a delegate? Heck no. I am just going with a friend of mine. We enjoy watching the action and going to various gatherings, plus as all us Methodists know.....Cokesbury!!!! I love me some Cokesbury. At some point in time I am going to put a dent in the books that I have bought at Cokesbury, however I don't see that happening soon. Instead I am sure I will add to my must read list.

Oh well, I just hope and pray that this conference we find ourselves as Methodists coming to some understanding of how the Holy Spirit is leading us into the next quadrennium.

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greg. said...

dude - i am so jealous!!! have a great time, and keep us updated. i am listening to it on the computer right now!