Monday, April 28, 2008

Good Leadership

What a reminder for me today!

Bishop Mike Coyner from the North Indiana Conference lead the plenary session this morning. He did it with humor and compassion and clarity. He knew he was not the show and kept things on track and was still very attentive to the questions, no matter how off course, from the floor.

The session today consisted in part of the election of Judicial Council Delegates as well as University Senate members.

I did not know all the names, however it sounded like there was a subtle shift in the Judicial council membership. We shall see what impact that may have in the future.

I left a little early this afternoon so I could get back to the room and relax and then work on my sermon for Sunday. I am a little tired and plan on taking it easy tonight, maybe go socialize and conduct some theology on tap sessions!

Tomorrow should be very interesting as some rather topical things will be brought to the floor.

Peace...and don't be too jealous Greg. Yes I am here but you get to be home with your family!
I miss mine already. Although this should be a great week.

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greg. said...

yeah, except my family went away for a couple of days - so i'm home alone with the dog. and general conference on my laptop.