Wednesday, April 09, 2008

It's time!

With everything else going on, it is very exciting to be able to go down to South Seaville today and open up the cottage for the season. This will our first season down at the cottage. We are so excited.

It will be a good place to get away to. I plan on using it quite a bit as a study retreat. The family can't wait to get down there and just enjoy the area and the people. It is nice to have someplace to get away from "reality".

We were able to go down a few times last year after we bought it, towards the end of the season. It was a relaxing experience. It just reaffirmed what my wife and I have always been told, we need to be able to get away. A place where there is no expectations and there are no meetings. A place where we can just enjoy each other and appreciate life. God is present there for us in so many ways.

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