Sunday, April 20, 2008

Real Love - Real Power

Martin Luther King, Jr.:

Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into friend.

Jesus' claim in John 14 that we will do things greater than he did, is a troubling one at times. How is that possible? I mean really, I am never going to walk on water or raise the dead, yet Jesus says those who have faith will in fact do greater things.

Well I think it is all about perspective. What is real power and where does it come from? I believe that when we spend time really looking at the Gospels we see a theme that emerges. The theme is one of love. We sometimes look at love as something that inhibits us or handicaps us. Instead Jesus shows us a different way to look at love.

Jesus shows us the real power of love. Jesus' love lived out in the world changes things. It heals families and transforms lives. It takes the broken and makes it whole again. The love of Jesus in the world lived out by the church is a power that no one can stand against.

When we take that love into the world, we will do things greater than Jesus did. We will do it with the power of the Holy Spirit. We will change lives and bring hope and opportunity into the world all the whil telling the story of Jesus Christ.

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