Friday, April 18, 2008

Ultimate Fighting Jesus?

Say it ain't so. I was reading an article in Christianity Today and it was discussing the need to create a Jesus for the real man. It talked about the view that Jesus had been portrayed as too weak and wimpy over time. There is a need to make Jesus stronger and more virile.


Have we got everything else in the world figured out yet? Have we tackled hunger, poverty, war, and disease? Do we really have so much free time on our hands that we need to put some muscles on Jesus?

I love the pictures of Jesus that the montage on this post contain. They are thought provoking and challenge conventional wisdom in many ways. Yet, I wonder why we feel he need to change Jesus, and to make him
more masculine. the Jesus that we find in the Bible is a powerful figure that needs no enhancement. He was a revolutionary, he was political, he was a working man, he was also caring and compassionate. More to the point he was brave and trusting and faithful enough to go to the cross for us. How much more manly can you be?

We don't need to pump up the image of Jesus, we need to be able to tell his story in such a way that people really get who he was and what he did and still does for us.

Ultimate Fighting Jesus? What a joke....although...


JJ said...

Maybe we can start handing out these at church services, on the way out of course. Can't have them leaving before the word now...

How about this in newspaper ads or on T-Shirts?

But no matter what ya do, it always seem to come back to:

(PS I tried to find something with an Eagles theme, but no luck...!)

Greg Hazelrig said...

What people don't understand is that Jesus was powerful. He just changed the definition of what power means.

Pastor Blue Jeans said...

Absolutely Greg. I am preaching on just that topic Sunday.

JJ thanks for looking!