Tuesday, April 01, 2008

You want it wit?

There is a certain lingo that you need to survive in the world today. The lingo is based upon where you live and in certain ways the people with which you live and hang out. What I may say in certain circles and get a chuckle, I may get a death stare in other arenas.

I was thinking about that today when I went to Rick's in the Reading terminal for lunch with a friend. We took the hi-speed line over to Philly and walked around and just talked about what was going on in our lives. We are in similar situations with our churches and our ministries as we both are moving this year. As I stood in line, I got a little nervous. I had not ordered a cheese steak in so long that I thought perhaps I was going to forget how I was supposed to do it.

There is nothing worse than standing in line for lunch and messing up your order because you do not know the lingo. I won't even get into the debate about the type of cheese, and yes for you who have never experienced it, people do eat Cheese Whiz on cheese steaks and it is GOOD!

So I got my steak(with Cheese Whiz of course) wit (means with Fried onions) and sat down and enjoyed my lunch. then I began to wonder of there was going to be new lingo that I was going to have to learn. Would I be able to adapt or would I find it difficult to communicate in my new surroundings?

So many questions.

Does anyone have a napkin?

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