Saturday, May 31, 2008

Do I sound different?

I know I don't look different. So tonight happened and things changed but things have also stayed the same. I finally have completed this part of my journey. Ordination! I sat with my brothers and sisters today and shared in an experience that was just awesome. There were tears and there were smiles and so much more.

I had friends and family there (Thanks) and that made the day complete. I had people come from the church I will be moving to(thank you).

What a night.

What a night.


The Whildens said...

May God Bless you for a job well done.
Your friends from South Seaville
Sue & Maurice

the reverend mommy said...

No, but you LOOK different. Did you cut your hair?

Congratulations! And Blessings on the journey.

Pastor Blue Jeans said...

Thanks Sue and Maurice and Rev Mommy!

Rev, your comment threw me. I thought I remembered you were from Georgia and was trying to figure out how you knew what I looked like last night!


Wade said...

You did look different. What was that thing around your neck???

A TIE!?!?!?!

They are not allowed in Neptune!!!!! (unless you make them the rule... LOL)

Congrats to you again for this accomplishment.

JJ said...

Bon Voyage!

Blessings to you as you start the your new journey! It ain't an end, but another beginning...

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! You might not look any different, but...