Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Real Change

"The change you Deserve" is the Republican new campaign slogan, I guess to counteract Obama's "Change we can believe in". So how dumb are we? Or perhaps more to the point, how dumb do they think we are?

So they know that the country is clamoring for change so they decide to use that word as the key point in all their slogans and we are just supposed to follow like sheep. I am tired of slogans and catch phrases. I am tired of politics and I am tired of the same old same old that comes from politics.

Do we want real change? Do we want to really be different than we are right now? I mean really? Or in the end does it not matter who the nominees are for the parties because republicans will vote for republicans and democrats will vote for democrats no matter what? Don't tell anyone but that is not real change.

Real change happens when we are transformed from an old way into a new way. It happens when we see things differently than ever before. It is not a matter of labels or brands. It is a matter of essence, what we are made of.

The only way I know real change happens is when the Holy spirit comes into our lives. When that happens we do begin to see clearer, we start being concerned about the things that God is concerned about. what might those things be you ask?

Well it seems to me that the bible tells us that God is concerned mightily with the widows and the orphans. In our context we should equate that with the poor and marginalized. god cares for those who are unable to help themselves. God cares for those who are in need and society has disregarded.

Billions of people in this world survive on less than 2 dollars a day. I don't know about you but my normal 2 cups a day of Wawa coffee cost more than that. What are we doing? We are so concerned about ourselves and our own way of life that millions of children are dying because we ignore them. Many more are undereducated because we have decided to turn our eye to them.

"Aren't we supposed to be working for him?" is the question that I heard someone ask last night. Aren't we supposed to be working for Jesus? Well I believe we are and if so how do you think your job performance review from Jesus would look today?

Real change. Real Hope. Real love. There is only one way.

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Eric Helms said...

"Real change. Real Hope. Real love. There is only one way."

Great political slogan, maybe it will catch on!!

I have to agree--Ultimately I am a big fan of Obama, but I don't buy into the idea that he is our HOPE as some slogans might have us believe. The truth is, despite some of his slogans, I think he realizes that he is not our great hope, and that is what makes him look promising to me.

In the end, I rest in the fact that God will either not allow us to screw things up too much worse, or if we do, maybe God will just bring it ll to an end. Either way, I think I am relieved.