Tuesday, June 10, 2008

525,600 Minutes

So how do you measure a year? Or six years for that matter? Since the very first time that I heard the song, I have loved the song from Rent called "Seasons of Love". It is a great song and if sung by the right people is just powerful.

I have tried to get my son to get some of his friends together for about 4 years to sing it in church and it never came together...until Sunday! Sunday was a big day for me at my church. I had the honor of performing two Baptisms and recognizing the High School graduates and presenting them with scholarships. In addition we had a lot of people in church because of all that was going on plus the fact that we had a luncheon afterwards as a good bye for my family and I. It was great stuff.

There were so many great moments in the service but perhaps one that will stick out for me is the moment that my son began to sing "Seasons of Love" , it was something that we had worked out the day before and I tied it into my sermon. The big surprise came when Sara stood up to join him. Sara is a young girl whom I have know since the day she was born. I had heard that she had a great voice but she never wanted to sing in church. Well she sang Sunday and joined my son singing in a big way. What a voice!

So how can you measure, measure a year(or six)? Perhaps you can start by thinking of the people with whom you have had the pleasure of ministering to, with and for. Perhaps it is with all the children that sat in the final children's time Sunday and all the fun you have had with them over the years. Perhaps it is with all the great people who helped lead service through song and word and presence.

Maybe it is the tears that you shared and continue to share. I truly do not know if you can ever truly measure it in any other way than the song suggests...How about love?

Truly it is love that is the cornerstone of all that we do and will do and have done. It is the love of God, friends, and family. I can't ever begin to thank the people here enough for how much they have helped me in my time here.

So now we begin the process of going on different paths but toward the same goal, kingdom building. We may worship in different places and do ministry in different environments going forward but we are always connected and we will never lose that.

So to my friends at New Brooklyn, thank you. You have helped me become the minister and the man that I am today. I will never forget our time together. So I encourage you all to continue building those memories and reaching out to be a blessing to the world. Your work is not done it is only just beginning.

How do YOU measure a year?

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