Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Just some ponderings about Annual Conference

The Music at Annual conference was Awesome...again.

It was nice seeing colleagues I had not seen in awhile.

It was a blessing to be ordained with that group of men and women. They are going to be a group that makes a difference!

It was also nice to put some faces and voices with bloggers names.

In this "post-modern" age is it time for us to rethink how we do Annual Conference?

The teleprompter was a great idea for the Bishop!

More to come.


Eric Helms said...

Hi! When my husband introduced you by real name, I didn't get it that you were THE Pastor Blue Jeans. I'm glad to have met you.

klh said...

Oops- I didn't log out of my husband's name. I'm actually the one who wrote the last email.

greg. said...

i totally agree with the music. so good. so so good. we are very blessed in our annual conference.

it was a blessing for me to be ordained with you, as well, my brother. after all the joy and elation, its time to get busy for the Kingdom!

how could we do business differently? teleconference? webcast? what do you envision?

and, finally, the teleprompter was clearly a great idea for the bishop. he was very free to engage the congregation more and it made him much more personable. great job by him.