Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Last Meal

Well okay it is not that dramatic, but today is the beginning of a very rough week for me. Today is the last Tuesday that I will be the pastor here. I felt pain just typing that. So many years and so many memories and as I look around the office, still so much to do.!

I know there are new memories and new years ahead and I am excited about that but I think this week will be sort of a melancholy one for me. I will be doing more looking back than looking forward, so un-biblical I know. I spent a few hours last night going over my sermon plan for the new church and it is on track and feels pretty solid. I also looked at my list of goals that I have for there. So everything for the new appointment is on course. I am glad that I did that because I don't know how productive I am going to be this week.

For the last six weeks or so it has been about getting ready. Getting the church ready and getting my family ready and making sure that they are as okay as they can be. It has been about getting the movers ready and a moving date set (don't EVEN go there). It has been about packing boxes and about ensuring that everything is ready.

Well that is pretty much done. Now I am just left with getting me ready. And getting ready, is sad. At least today.


the reverend mommy said...

"Done" is hard but as soon as you actually leave -- there is an odd sort of freeing. It's weird.

I'm Done and will be at my new churches on Sunday, Lord willin' and crick don't rise.

greg. said...

yo man - i'm praying for you as you go through this exciting/crazy/scary transition. i pray you will find some amazing moments of grace.