Thursday, July 31, 2008

One Trick Pony?

I would like to think not, but maybe I am becoming one.
Joel asked me to teach a day of VBS at his church and I gladly said yes. He told me the story would be of Zaccheus.

I was told that I was free to do whatever I wanted so I decided to teach in character. I knew with my fear of heights there was no way that I was climbing a real tree, so I relied on the old stand by...a ladder.

Yea yea I know a ladder...again. But it was one way that I knew I could grab the children's attention and if I did it right it would be a real fun day.

I ended up teaching the class to five different groups of children, maybe about 120 or so total. Some groups were tougher than others but all in all it was a very rewarding experience.
In the end since I have never taught these kids, they have never seen me with a ladder, so I guess it wasn't too bad. Hopefully in the end they all will take something from that story about the need to serve their community (the theme for the day) and that is what counts.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Ten things I think

I know..about being a pastor

1) People want to know that you care.

2) Sunday is just the start of the job, the real work happens the rest of the week.

3) Everybody wants change...until you change "that".

4) Without being surrounded by a strong support system you will will fail

5) There is nothing better than seeing the look on someones face when they "get" it.

6) There is really nothing better when the person who "gets" it is a child.

7) The Bible is not just a book for sermon prep.

8) Prayer is not an option

9) This job rocks!

10) Without Jesus, it means nothing...with Jesus it means everything

* idea for 10 things in think comes from Peter King

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Trying to find our way

Tomorrow morning as I stand before the church, I will once again be talking about Jacob. This time I will be preaching about his arrangement with Laban in regards to a spouse.

The long and the short if it is that Laban gave Jacob a taste of what he had been dishing out to others. In other words, Laban tricked Jacob.

However, the interesting thing to me is that we see that Jacob really has no one to blame but himself. He is fooled because of his own greed and own desire.

He is blinded by desire and more than likely a little wedding wine.
But the thing is, we all fall victim to being blinded by the world around us. It could be desire, jealousy, anger, lust, alcohol, drugs, or even fear. There are many things that could blind us from what God desires us to see and experience.

I just pray this evening that our eyes are open and we see clearly just what God would want us to see.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

It has been quite tough getting into a normal routine around the new place. For those who know me that probably sounds like a good thing for me since I despise doing the same old same old. Yet I do yearn for just a bit of normalcy.

The problem is that we are still exploring our new living situation, we head off to the beach at a moment's notice and just explore, or we take a drive and see what else we may find in our new location. On top of that it happens to be Camp Meeting week in South Seaville so I need to try to get down there as much as I can.

I am trying to work that all in with getting settled myself into the new pastorate. I have some people who are going to be helping in the office and have not been able to sit down and really go over with them what I would like done, so we are just getting by for now. So it has been tough but exciting.

I guess what I remembered this morning is that no matter how hectic other things are, I need to make sure that I "make time" for God. Life will continue to be busy and hectic but when I give time to God, I know that it will be a lot more easy to deal with.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Tough Job?

As I am sitting out back on my deck of my new parsonage, I am thinking about my calling. I am thinking a lot about my day and how much fun I truly had.

I started the day talking to my new D.S. and it was a great way to start the day. It was a productive conversation and I learned a lot about her and her expectations and I left that meeting feeling very impressed with her.

I then went back to the office and met with someone who helps out in the church office and she was printing and folding bulletins, I had a nice visit with her and got a bit of work done before I went back out. I went to Francis Asbury Manor and visited some of my members who are currently residing there. I had a great time meeting them and hearing about their stories.

I went back to the house and got some lunch and then went back to the office to do a bit of paperwork. Then I walked over to the hospital to visit someone who is a patient there. Met with her and her daughter and then walked back.

I finished off my day by spending some time on the computer catching up on Jurisdictional conferences and doing some email and other work as well. I am now resting on the deck and feeling a bit tired but otherwise very energized.

I did not do much today but yet I felt as if I was able to do quite a bit. This really isn't a tough job in many ways. It is simply about people, relationships, and God. You need to care for the people and truly love them.

This job will never be about money or prestige it is simply about the people. I know there are so many other things that I could be doing with my life after all I went to school for a couple different things but I can't imagine doing anything else.

I am never going to be able to make everyone happy and I am never going to be able to always do the right thing but you know what? It doesn't matter, what matters is God and how God decides to use me in my ministry here. Am I being faithful to God and what God's plans for me are? If so, I truly can ask for nothing else.

Love the people

Love the people

Love the people

How tough is that?

I love my job!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Well I guess I still remember

It has been three weeks but apparently I still remember how to preach. I was very nervous last night when I went to bed. I was not sure if I was ready enough, I was not sure if I had it nailed down just right. In the end perhaps I didn't but I do know it simply felt good. I was so happy to go up there and simply share the Word with my church.

It was good to get the juices flowing again and really just to let it go. Heck I even brought out the ladder today and did a little climbing for an illustration....yup it was good to be back where God has called me.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Moved in - Kind of

Well this has been quite the last two weeks. We have been busy packing and gathering ourselves for it seems like months. the day finally came and we found ourselves packed and moving to our new house and church. Well we are still surrounded by boxes but the pile is getting lower and lower. the good news is that the Verizon man was here all day and we now have TV and Internet...yea us!
So now the transition begins. It has been 6 years since I was the "new pastor", it has been six years since I have had to share my intial vision with a church. It has been six years since I had to remember so many new names.
Well, the one thing that I know is that New Brooklyn UMC has prepared me to be the pastor here. They have loved me and tuahgt me and guided me along in my ministry and now like a parent they send me out into the world/
I have so many fears and expectations and visions and dreams. I guess I am so unsettled because I need to spend more time in prayer and meditation.It is time to go to God and see where God is leading us.