Friday, August 15, 2008

Vacation time

Well in a few days, my family and I will be having a view much like this. Our annual family vacation is taking a cruise through the Panama Canal.

As usual, I have not allowed myself to get too excited leading up to the vacation because there is always so much to do, but even more so this year as I adjust to a new appointment.

Yet as I type this, I have so many emotions running though me. The excitement is building to an enormous level. I just can't wait.

Well everyone enjoy themselves and take care.


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Olympic Spirit

Been catching the Olympics each night for a little while. I am just so amazed at the performances of people like Micheal Phelps and Natalie Coughlin and Aaron Piersol among others. The dedication and drive that they display is awe inspiring.

For a couple of weeks these people who we do not hear about for the most part of 4 years suddenly dominate our viewing pleasure. It is great theater and NBC is doing a pretty decent job.

As I was thinking about the Olympics, I wondered about the pain and work and sacrifice that these people go through waiting for their chance at history. So it made me wonder.

How about Jean Basson, Ashley Delaney, and Gemma Spofforth. Do any of you know who these people are? Well I can say that I didn't but what I know about them is this. For at least the last 4 years they have trained just as hard and just as long as anyone else that swam yesterday and they also had a dream. They wanted to win a medal. Well those three were the 3 4th place finishers in the three big races that we saw last night. Fourth place! Wow, that is tough. One of them lost out on a medal by 4 100ths of a second.

Today we celebrate the medal winners but perhaps we should remember those others who worked and dreamed of their Olympic Moments. The invisible competitors, the least and the last and the lost.

Hey! Doesn't that remind you of something? The least the last and the lost are the people we are called to reach. It is not always the popular people or the rich people or the elite people that we are to go tell the story to but instead it is also to people like Jean Basson, Ashley Delaney, and Gemma Spofforth. People who have dreams but perhaps life is beating them down.

Go tell them the story.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

So they ship me up to

Giants and Jets country and now the area is buzzing becasue Brett Favre is now a Jet.
Oh, how I miss Eagle Talk!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

I prayed a lot last night

before I went to that meeting. I decided to make a change in how things would be presented. I decided to start small and go from there. I walked through the sanctuary and I just felt God telling me to go slow.

I often talk about Majoring in the "majors" and minoring in the "minors", well I felt as if god was telling me to do just that.

Vision is tricky business.

So we took a step last night and we begin the journey. So where do we go from here, only the Spirit can tell us that.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

You know that initial period of time

in a new pastorate called the honeymoon? Well I remember at my first church that period lasted quite a while. Tonight I think I could be looking at hastening the end of my honeymoon at the new appointment.

Oh well, it has been fun!

There are just somethings that I really see that need to be addressed, some things that are not exactly kingdom building. So we need to make some changes and to cast a different vision. I know that is part of my job, I just wish that the things that need addressed weren't on the "sacred cow" list.

Oh well, that is why they pay me the "big buck" I suppose!

I will let you all know how it went! I will be busy praying most of the day, so if you could say a little prayer with me.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

It really doesn't matter

who you are. You could be Christina Applegate, a famous actress (Kelly Bundy anyone?) or young Grace Bergen, you still need people praying for you and you still need God. These two ladies couldn't be more different. One is a well known actress, been in the spotlight for years and has probably been the envy of many, yet finds herself battling breast cancer. Grace Bergen is a 12 year old girl who plays the drum many of you have never heard of her, but she made the national news this week for a 150 foot fall.

So what is the moral of the story? We all need God and we could all use some people praying for us each day. I will tell you that I could really use some prayer, but really who couldn't. Take some time tomorrow and say a quick little prayer for EVERYONE that you come in contact with. They all are going to need it.

Prayer until something happens then pray a little longer.