Wednesday, August 06, 2008

I prayed a lot last night

before I went to that meeting. I decided to make a change in how things would be presented. I decided to start small and go from there. I walked through the sanctuary and I just felt God telling me to go slow.

I often talk about Majoring in the "majors" and minoring in the "minors", well I felt as if god was telling me to do just that.

Vision is tricky business.

So we took a step last night and we begin the journey. So where do we go from here, only the Spirit can tell us that.


the reverend mommy said...

Slow is good.

Slow change is much better received than rapid -- it gives people time to process.

Pastor Blue Jeans said...

I know you are right, but I tend to be a tad bit impatient!I guess another of the million or so reasons that I am glad that I am not God.

Tim said...

The honeymoon was over the minute the building was vandalized with all of that funny looking Eagles stuff hanging on the walls.

but seriously folks.

I think it is important for one to see one's vision before one judges it.

My opinion is the clay is yours to mold.

Pastor Blue Jeans said...

that is not vandalized Tim that is being classed up!