Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Cross in the World

This is my view every Sunday as I stand and deliver the message to my church. This big beautiful cross looking out into the world. it is a simple reminder to me that this is what it is all about. I am delivering a message to the church about the impact that the cross has had, does have, and will have on that big world out there.

As I stood there on Sunday I was discussing the concept of Prevenient Grace. I spoke of God wooing us to him before we even knew there was a God. I said those words and I looked at that cross and it made the concept so crystal clear to me. God calls out out us through love and the sacrifice of Jesus and the work of the cross.

This calling/wooing allows us to know and understand that there is a God who cares and loves and we have sinned against this God. This is the beginning of our journey with God. So I encourage you this week to look out your window at the world and see where God is calling you and see where you can go tell the story of God.

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