Wednesday, September 03, 2008


On our vacation, my 18 month old nephew was more impressed by Donald Duck than Mickey Mouse. Every time he saw a bird, he always said, "duck, duck, duck".

So on the morning that we went through the Panama Canal, Ginny and I saw Donald walking around and we wanted to take a picture for our nephew. The one way to do it was for one of us to pose with Donald. My wife was saving herself for Mickey, she has an obsession, so the posing was left for me.

So Ian Thomas, here he is.....Donald Duck!


Wade said...

Nice picture..Which one is Donald Duck??? LOL

And maybe your nephew was not saying duck because he wanted to see Donald, but because he saw a bird flying overhead and was concerned about.....

Glad to have you home.

Anonymous said...

Welcome home I am not sure which one is the duck eather!