Monday, September 01, 2008

I have to share an experience

When I was in seminary in one of my preaching classes we had to watch some videos from a series called Great Preachers. I saw some amazing preaching in those tapes. Well last night I was asked to say the evening prayer at Ocean Grove in the Great Auditorium and got a chance to listen to one of those great preachers from the videos.

I went into the study before the service started to let them know that I was there and then I had the honor of meeting Rev. James Forbes. He turned and introduced himself to me, Hi, I am Jim Forbes" and I just chuckled. I then had the chance to listen to him speak for a few minutes on a variety of topics.

None of that could hold a candle though to the powerful message he would deliver. I have never heard a message delivered in such a way, the man is a gift from God is all I can say. He has a presence that is simply unbelievable.

I am still feeling that message now. All I can say is wow, what a blessing.


Joe said...

Pretty cool. I always wanted to do something during worship at the Great Auditorium. I love OG. Can you call him Jim now?

Pastor Blue Jeans said...

Joe I think that was what made me chuckle the most. His humble manner and the way he introduced himself to me.

Very cool day all around