Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Confidence and Power

Listening to the news the past few weeks, you can't help but feel a little worried of what the future may hold. We have so many pulls on our economic situation.

People are talking about hundreds of Billions of dollars like it is nothing. People are starting to lose confidence that their money is safe. They feel that they have lost power over their future. I got tired of being worried about those things so I began to look at some pictures. I saw lots of great pictures that my wife has taken over the years and then I came upon this one.

Ginny and I went to the Niagara Falls a few years ago. What a magnificent experience. I think that this was one of the first places that I have been to where I really was struck by the sights. On vacation, I am more of just a relaxation kind of guy, however some of the last vacations I have been on have changed that. I have begun to really look at the world around me and marvel at it in a new way.

The trip to Niagara Falls was the tipping point for that change. To stand and look out at that vast amount of water and the power that it had was simply breathtaking. What this picture and others like it remind me of is that we don't really have that much power and it is okay. The God who created the Niagara Falls and all the other beauty in this world has all the power and we need to have confidence in him.

The future may not look like we envision it, however that does not mean we need to worry so much about it. So spend less time worrying and more time seeking God. Let's spend more time in prayer and fellowship and reading God's word.

In the end it comes down to who we have confidence in God or man. I choose God.

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greg. said...

dude, i love this post. thanks for writing it. i needed to hear it said that way. thank you.