Friday, October 03, 2008

I am afraid

Some days this really feels like a job. When the paperwork is due and there is meeting after meeting on the calendar it just seems like an occupation. So on those days I tend to get a little afraid, that this will simply become something I have to do each day.

The great news is that those feelings do not last long. Most days are like today when I got to get out and visit some people and just talk. Talk to them about their lives and their fears and their joys. On days like these, I can't imagine a better way to spend my day or my life.

When I started in ministry, I had two girls who came into church each Sunday and asked if they could wear pajamas to church, I of course said no. As time went on they began to ask why and I just told them we were not "allowed". They said why again, and I realized that there was no reason other then I was afraid of what people might think if I let people wear pjs to church.

I quickly made an "executive" decision and made one upcoming Sunday, PJ Sunday. So when the early Sunday Contemporary service was about to begin I was worried that no one would come in pjs. Finally as people began to walk in the door, one by one they all were wearing them!
So the picture you see is me standing up by the altar in my pjs. What a great Sunday that was, it taught me a lot and it is a feeling that I remind myself of time to time when things get serious and busy and I worry that this might just be a job.

I remind myself that I worship a God of creation. A God of love and excitement, newness, and FUN!!! The God I preach about on Sundays is not boring and does not want us to be either. So today I am reminded that this is not a job and this is not something that I am "stuck" doing, my calling is a blessing and a joy and I can't wait until my next PJ Sunday!


mathan said...

excellent its really nice to read and feel on. Its seems that you will enjoy in all sunday

sham said...

wow!superb sunday. PJS are nice for you.

bhuvanesh said...

excellent sunday and a happy life throughout the year. May god bless you.

Anonymous said...

We used to have a pastor here at Newbrooklyn that did stuff like that.
I miss him