Tuesday, October 28, 2008

We live in an impatient world

We want things when we want them. Soon is simply not soon enough for us. I was reminded of this fact as I watched the Phillies game last night. MLB wanted the game now, the fans wanted the game now, Fox network wanted the game now. It was not to be. It was instead a night to learn about patience all over again.

Patience. According to something that I read today; For many of us, patience is a quality more admired than desired. And I say amen! I admire all those people who have the patience to wait and to seek out things in life. There are people that I know who continue to run up against it in life but have the patience to keep plugging along as they wait for God to direct them in a new way.

I admire them, but boy I don't want to be them. I want answers now. I want God's direction now. I want every program we start at church to succeed now. I want every meeting to be beneficial now. I want every Bible study to be fruitful now. I want all sermons to be rich and dynamic now.

When do I realize that God just doesn't work like that?


JJ said...

As a long time Philadelphia sports fan, I would think you to be well acquainted with patience!

Have a Psalm

greg. said...

so, where is the "we are the champions of the world" post?

congrats. enjoy it.