Saturday, October 25, 2008

Where is Bottom?

I have talked to a financial adviser recently that has told me that things will be looking up by the end of next year. I listened to another adviser on the radio this morning that said not so fast. Of course Glen Beck, who is quite the "optimist", said yesterday we are modeling the Great Depression.

So which way is up? How far is down? Does anyone really know?
According to Business Week it should be over in May. May?
Well in the meantime, let the financial experts figure this all out and let us think about people.

Not money but people, crazy huh? The reality is that in a climate like this people are going to be fearful, and when they are fearful they tighten up the purse strings. The people that are most effected by this are the people that can least afford it. So that is where we come in.

We need to get out there to our churches, employers, businesses, communities and let everyone know that there are people who need help. They are hungry, tired, sick and they need our help. If we think the economy is tough on us, how do you think they feel.

Don't forget the people. They need us.

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JJ said...

Amen! and more Amen!