Wednesday, October 15, 2008

World Series

I guess if I was a "good citizen" I would have watched a little of the debate tonight. So maybe I am not a good citizen, but I am one happy Phillies fan.
It happened, it finally happened! We are on the way to the World Series.

It has been a long time coming and lots of pain and anger and disappointment. All that is behind me now and all I see is the World Series starting next week.

It started tonight with a blast off the bat of Jimmy Rollins and the Phillies never looked back. Sure Manny was Manny and drove one into the right field bleachers but it was not nearly enough. Cole Hamels looked fantastic and the rest of the team scratched and clawed and did enough to get ready for Tampa Bay (or Boston if a miracle happens).

Watch out for those Fighting Phils. So tonight maybe I am not a good American citizen for missing the debate, but I am a proud citizen of Phillies nation!

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