Sunday, November 16, 2008

Balance starts with prayer

I have been reading Richard Foster's book, Prayer: Finding the Heart's True Home. It is a great refresher book and also gives me new insights into prayer.

I ebb and flow with my prayer life. It is constant efforts at some points to remember to pray. Other days it is first and foremost in my mind. This book has helped me to remember the importance of prayer. It is such an important part of my day. When my prayer life is good, my life seems to have more balance to it.

So why do I ebb and flow? Why must I need to read books to remind me how important prayer is? Any ideas?

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LogicaL Layspeaker said...

Seems like you already know how important prayer is and you already said reading the book gave you new insights into prayer.

The tides ebb and flow, yet the oceans remain. The sands of the shore may be shifted in the tide.

In other words, perhaps your tide of prayer ebbs and flows to meet the shifting sand needs of the people you contact?