Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I have been thinking

As I have been preparing my Sermon series for Advent, one think keeps popping up....time.

The innkeeper surely didn't have enough of it. Joseph had a decision to make and was running out of it.
Mary was so young and didn't really understand why it was her time. The shepherds couldn't believe that this was the time.

We are about to enter into a holy time, not that all time shouldn't be holy, in the church calendar...Advent. Yet so many of us barely even take a moment to breathe in between Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve. We don't appreciate Advent for what it is and what is could be.

Among many other things, Advent can be a time for us to focus in upon the promise of Christ's coming again and also a time to look back at the baby that has already come. It is a time to think of the joy and hop and promise that Jesus brings. It is a time for us to remember those things as we go back to our roots. When we go back to prayer, scripture, fellowship, service, witness. Those things that make us distinctly Christian. This is what we need again.

Isn't it time?

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