Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Pride in America

Sunday we had an awesome Worship experience. We paid honor to the Veterans. We paid tribute to those in the military still. We had a few men from the American Legion post bring in the colors. All in all I was very pleased and very touched by how worship went. there was a lot of emotion shared that day.

Of course, I did hear from two different people that we did not salute the flag, I assume by that we were talking about the Pledge of Allegiance.

I hesitate to write this for a few reasons but what the heck. I did not put in a moment for the Pledge on purpose. While I am as patriotic as the next person I believe, I just feel as if that sends the wrong message in a Worship environment. when I go to a counsel meeting in town, no problem at all. Kids saying it in school, no problem at all. I am still moved greatly at a sporting event by the Star spangled Banner (different story I know).

It just seems that in a worship service we need to be careful who we pledge our allegiance too. I think that we did a great job honoring the veterans and a great job remembering the active duty folks.

The whole thing was no where near over the top and at the same time I think that it was not too reserved either.

Believe me, I do not claim to be the only source of truth on this issue...this is simply where I stand. Since I was the pastor, I had to end up dong something that I felt faithful to God in doing.

So I did.


Anonymous said...

In the congregations I have served so far, the pledge issue has not come up, but the patriotism one has. I have taken a somewhat reserved stand, usually only bringing it up when someone else does.

In a couple of decades, though, things may be different, just as they were a couple of decades ago. Which way, we can only speculate, but each generation of church-goers / pastors brings some form of change. Which direction, only God knows -- and that's fine with me.

LogicaL Layspeaker said...

It appears that some are opposed to even having a flag in the sanctuary!
The allegiance to God is primary over allegiance to state. Acknowledgment of the state is not allegiance, but I must say, if the state is hostile to allegiance to God, the state should not be acknowledged in the sanctuary.