Saturday, November 08, 2008

Saturday Musings

When I am King of the World (all apologies to Bill Conlin)...

Church conferences will not be held during Worship time.
Church conference paperwork will be minimal and not increase 10 percent every year.
Churches will embrace technology and realize the importance to reaching the world.

Elections will be less divisive.
Voters will hold politicians accountable.

Pastors and congregations will learn to honor the sabbath.
Pastors will be in accountability groups.
Churches will encourage pastors to care for their family.

People will look towards the Bible more than the Dow Jones Average.
People will pray more and worry less.
People will spend family time that is not in front of the TV.

Finally, when I am the King of the World...The Phillies and Eagles will win every year!


Wade said...

You had me up until the last sentence....


Tim said...

I saw pigs flying on my way to work the other day. That's how I knew the Phils won.

Gladly, I saw no such travesty today.